2014 To Do

Here is my 2014 To Do. I already have lots of these in the works. :)

  1. Knit something
  2. Sew an apron or a quilt
  3. Get a full time job
  4. Graduate from NOVA
  5. Buy a car
  6. Become self sufficient
  7. Move into my own apartment
  8. Complete an obstacle course challenge
  9. Run regularly
  10. Memorize more Scripture
  11. Go dancing
  12. Go to Arkansas
  13. Go to the beach
  14. See more plays
  15. Buy more dresses
  16. Maintain my 4.0
  17. Write letters
  18. Fill a journal
  19. Get a smart phone
  20. Travel somewhere new
  21. Go to a theme park
  22. Reconnect with old friends
  23. Make new friends
  24. Try new hairstyles
  25. Face my fear of driving in Arlington
  26. Add more classic pieces to my wardrobe
  27. Do some creative writing
  28. Post on my blog more often
  29. Learn about wine
  30. Learn to drive a stick shift
  31. Organize all of my belongings
  32. Get my passport
  33. Learn to use Microsoft office
  34. Improve my French
  35. Eat at new restaurants
  36. Go to the Kennedy Center
  37. Make more crafts
  38. Buy a tablet
  39. Stick to my reading schedule
  40. Host a Paris themed party for my Awana girls
  41. Take more pictures
  42. Make a photo wall in my room
  43. Go to a sleepover
  44. Follow my budget
  45. Reach my savings goal
  46. Be a better friend
  47. Explore DC more
  48. Spend a whole day at the Art Gallery
  49. Watch more Old Hollywood films
  50. Plan my future education
  51. Go to a party/dance
  52. Follow politics
  53. Burn more candles
  54. Do one act of kindness a week
  55. Expand my personal movie collection
  56. Buy more heels
  57. Send my sisters carepackages
  58. Go to the Farmers' Market
  59. Start a Christmas fund in January
  60. Buy a Shabby Apple dress
  61. Join birchbox
  62. Read more C.S. Lewis
  63. Engage in deep conversations
  64. Host a tea party
  65. Make something with wine corks
  66. Stop eating fast food
  67. Send out Christmas cards
  68. Get a smart phone
  69. Sell unused Thirty-One bags
  70. Keep up my prayer journal
  71. Start building my credit
  72. Start a retirement fund
  73. Take a self defense class
  74. Ween myself off of creamer with my coffee
  75. End the year not single

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