About Me

~About Me~

My name is Tory and I am 21 years old. I live at home with my parents and three sisters while working part time at the local library. I am currently attending Northern Virginia Community College as a full time Liberal Arts major. My eventual goal in life is to become a librarian... Preferably in either a small little ol' hick town in South Georgia or a quaint little ol' village in the English country side... And then I will meet a handsome local man, fall madly in love, and live happily ever after...  Or at least, that is what I am planning on doing... I'll let ya'll know if it works out... ;)

I Love... Reading, knitting, organizing, libraries, jewelry, the color red, praying in the shower, vintage fashion, movie soundtracks, fashion blogs, school supplies, anything British, Doctor Who, Merlin, country music, the color coral, anything nautical, Thirty-One gifts, moleskine journals, big earrings, Psych, The Avengers, TOMS, summertime, the beach, vacations, picture books, navy blue, tanning, Tangled, fresh fruit, cats, coffee, Downton Abbey, cupcakes, lab puppies, peonies, decorating, babies and toddlers, Sherlock, history, traveling, The Hunger Games, anchors, men in suits, drinking tea from a tea cup, vintage cars, hats, shoe shopping, fall leaves, Jane Austen, Paul's letter to the Philippians, the Union Jack, scarves, J.Crew, pillow pets, gloves, Star Trek, musicals, Tangled, pizza, William Shakespeare, The Arkansas Razorbacks, David Tennant, self-serve frozen yogurt, Old Towne Alexandria, dancing, Agatha Christie, collecting mugs, Les Miserables, and C.S. Lewis.