Thursday, July 5, 2012

I hope everyone had a good 4th of July yesterday... Mine was... Interesting... My mum was at the hospital most of the day due to a migraine induced by dehydration... Probably from this past weekend... So it was just me and two of my sisters that had to make sure the house was clean and all the food was prepared before our guests arrived... The trouble was that I wasn't sure exactly what all we were making... And when our guests did arrive, how was I supposed to entertain them??? They were mostly my mum's friends... Thankfully, mum got back home just as our guests were supposed to arrive... And they were late which was even better... ;) 

So we hung out and chatted with our guests until about 9 when we walked over to where we could see the Fort Belvoir fireworks... Then we walked back home and went to bed...

As far as 4th of Julys go, I would say that I have had better... But it did go with the theme of the week... Life doesn't stop when unforeseeable and extremely inconvenient things happen...  

On a happier note, I was very pleased with how this outfit turned out earlier this week... I have never been able to do the "tucked in" look cuz of my big butt and thighs, but the cut of these shorts really help that problem, I think... ;)

Oh, and I absolutely LOVE my TOMS!!!!!! I ended up getting both a red pair and a navy pair... The sizing was an interesting part of picking them out... They run about a half a size to a full size big, so make sure to try them on if you are thinking about buying some... I got a size 5 in the youth size in red and a 6.5 in regular women's in navy... The style is a bit different between youth and women's, but I like them both... ;)

I am trying to think of a creative, happy way to say I got my first Glossybox in the mail today... But I am so excited that it just keeps coming out I GOT MY FIRST GLOSSYBOX IN THE MAIL TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I think I will just go with that... :)


I first head about Glossybox over at Bramblewood Fashion... I checked out the website and totally fell in love with the concept... I mean, who wouldn't want to get 5 European travel sized beauty products once a month in a gorgeous box??? I ordered it earlier this month and have been anxiously awaiting its arrival... I was so excited when it came today and even more when I opened it!!! It had some amazing products in it!!!!! :)

The box... Isn't it darling??? And a beauty magazine... ;)

I LOVE how it is wrapped... Very glamorous and chic... ;)

The products... I have used everything except the perfume so far and I totally love it all!!! have I mentioned how much I love Glossybox??? :)

This mascara is my favorite product... I have been needing new mascara for, like, a couple of months now... And this is a full size tube!!! I was so excited!!! :)

I was also super excited about this shaving creme... Smooth legs are one thing I love but rarely have... My legs feel great after using it this morning... ;)

The other product is a face firming lotion... Not exactly sure how to use it, but I figured I would try it anyway... ;)

This stuff is amazing... I LOVE the smell... And the texture... :)

This is a hair moisturizer... I am not all that big on conditioner or moisturizer for my hair, but I am gonna give it a try and see what it does... ;)

I can't wait to have an event fancy enough to wear this perfume to!!! It looks so glamorous!!! :)

Next time, I think I am going to try Birchbox... It is a different company, but it basically does the same thing... I have heard rave reviews from this blog... I want to see if it is better than Glossybox... :)

Well, I hope ya'll have a good rest of the week!!! :)


KatySue Pillsbury said...

Love your outfit, you look adorable!
Good job holding the fort down while your Mom was away, glad she's alright now!
I've been thinking about trying the whole glossy box/birch box thing, I will be interested to see how you like the Birch Box!

Rissi said...

Hope you had a lovely fourth, Tory. :-)

Tory said...

Thanks Katy!!! You should definitely try Glossybox!!! It is so much fun!!! One that I really want to do is Little Black Bag... I just don't know about shelling out the 50 bucks vs. 20... Ya know??? ;)

Eh, I sorta did, Rissi... Trying to get off of the horrid hangover from the weekend... That power outage just killed any motivation that I had... Hopefully next week will be better...