Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Avengers

I don't consider myself a very passionate person... But I can get excited about things... Very excited... So excited that I embarrass my sisters and my friends with my ravings. But sometimes, things are just so awesome that they need to be raved about!!!!! For a week!!!! Nonstop!!!!! 

This is me this week about The Avengers. I love it more than I have ever loved any other movie. It is the epitome of awesomness. I cheer and squeal every time I go see it (which has been twice so far, and I am hoping to make it a third time very soon). 

How can one not like it is what I want to know... A bunch of guys saving the world who all happen to be amazingly buff and good looking??? Win!!!

Don't get me wrong, I like it for more than just swoon-ability of the guys (yes, I so just made that word)... Captain America and Thor are still the moral, lovely characters they were in their title movies. Iron Man is refreshingly devoted to Pepper and therefore lacks the playboy scenes. The entire movie is so completely clean... It just adds to it's awesomness... :)

We saw it on opening night in a packed theater. It was the first time I have had to sit by myself... But it was good, I think, because I didn't have any distractions... I could focus completely and wholly on the movie. And I was COMPLETELY enthralled from start to finish... :)

If you haven't seen the previous 5 super hero movies, you don't, in my *ahem* not so humble opinion, have any business watching The Avengers. It is the epic culmination of years of build up. You just can't experience the full majesty of such a group unless you fully understand each of their back stories. 

My favorite character is by far Captain America. Completely unshakable, indefatigably good, a true leader, and totally hot in red, white, and blue... ;)... Oh, and one more thing... "There's only one God, ma'am, and I'm pretty sure He doesn't dress like that."... Go Cap... ;)

Second favorite character (though the one I have been obsessing over more) is Hawkeye... Played by Jeremy Renner... How could one not go for the archer??? :)

I have loved him ever since his appearance in Thor... And I didn't even know who he was!!! It was purely instinctive... ;)

His character's chemistry with Scarlett Johansson's was adorable. Nothing inappropriate or overtly flirtatious... Just a warm friendship... That I hope gets developed into a romantic relationship in the next film... ;)

In the months leading up to it's release, it was a concern that it would feel too rushed and that the individual characters wouldn't get enough screen time to themselves... Let me tell you, it wasn't like that... Everyone got their perfect amount of story and their perfect amount of action... And then it all comes to a perfect head and they form the perfect team... It is just perfect... :)

And funny too!!! Which is perhaps the most surprising thing about the movie... It is stinkin' hilarious. 
Thor (talking about Loki)- "He is my brother"
Black Widow- "He killed 80 people in three days"
Thor- "He was adopted"
It is truly a feat to pack so many good lines into an action movie and have it still be an action movie... :)

Do I really need a concluding statement??? Probably not, but I am going to give you one anyway... Anybody been watching the box office the past few weeks??? If you have, you will know that The Avengers has topped it... Three weeks in a row... Beating several large movies on their premiere weekends... A movie with no sex, little language, and little gore... You would think that Hollywood would get the picture... :)


Rissi said...

I really wanted to see this one in theaters but I doubt at this point I will get to it. Ah! Well, it will keep until DVD (and then, I'll review it and everyone will not care 'cause they've seen it. LOL!).

Tory said...

You haven't seen it yet!!!! I am surprised at you!!!! Movie connoisseur that you are... ;)

Hayden said...

I loved this movie! I was one of those people who hadn't seen the other movies, though :P I actually wanted to wait until I had before seeing this one, but it didn't work out :(

Hawkeye's my favorite!!! Though Captain America is a very close second :)

Very fun post!!!

Michaela said...

Ya know part of this was filmed in Cleveland. :nods: