Monday, May 7, 2012

I have been very remiss in blogging here recently, but then, I have been very busy so I consider myself justified... ;)

The year has gone by so quickly... It seems like I should still be anticipating The Hunger Games and The Avengers premiere, visiting the Ferrars, and the end of the school year... Well, ok, so school hasn't ended yet, but we only have, like, two and a half weeks left... To say it has snuck up on me would be an understatement... 

At the beginning of April me and one of my sisters went to visit the Ferrar family up in Ohio (in case you don't know, Anna and Michaela's blogs are Like Pearls Slipping Off a String and The Secret Life of Daydreams)... We had a super amazing fun time!!!!!!
The square in their town is amazingly picturesque... It has everything a little town needs from a used bookstore, coffee shop, hot dog dinner, cupcake shop, frozen yogurt shop, vintage barbershop, and a cute little gazebo in the middle... It is the perfect town... :)
 This is Michaela's boyfriend... ;)

Root beer out of a frozen mug??? Win... ;)

This is my favorite picture from the whole week... Anna's boots and my trenchcoat make it, I think... ;)

Some other escapades include going to Clevland to their creepy vintage clothing store (where I found a mint condition RED 50s cupcake dress ;D), a trip to Amish Country on Good Friday... Which happens to be a very big holiday for them so hardly any Amish were out and almost no stores were open... Oh, and a very exciting exploration of some abandoned buildings behind their house... Old bridges and creepy lofts make for very exciting photo shoots... ;) 

Michaela actually did a more in depth post about our visit on her blog if you want to check it out... She is a much more eloquent writer than I am so you definitely should... ;)

Hopefully I will make the time sometime this week for a Hunger Games and Avengers post... Just as a quick preview on the content of my post, I completely and utterly loved them both (seen The Hunger Games three times so far and I am going to see The Avengers for a second time tonight)... So haters beware... ;)


Rissi said...

Glad you had such a lovely visit, Tory. =)

I am hoping to see The Avengers in theaters but... yeah, I'll just rent The Hunger Games.

Michaela said...

Ok, so I love this post. Actually I love the girl that wrote it A LOT. Your caption about my "boyfriend" cracked me up...and didn't we have a blast? Really--it was too much fun. I think my favorite part was our day on the Square...I mean, tearoom, Coolbeans, antiquing and all that in one day? With amazing ppls? Then again all our Lemonberry escapades and Dan's Dogs was a blast. It was just fun all the way around.

Now I need to visit VA. Seriously.

Patrizia said...

haha.... oh, great! I have been absent from the blogging world & just got back on to 'try' & get back into it & here you are! Great post & we loved having you!

Tory said...

Rissi, if you don't already love The Hunger Games series, I can understand your lack of excitement for the movie... Me and my sisters already loved the series so we were super excited for the movie... It was so fun going to the midnight premiere!!! :)

Michaela!!!! You commented!!!! Yay!!!!!! :D