Monday, February 27, 2012

Some Pics and Opinions

Ok, so I tried out a couple of outfits this past week... Actually more than a couple but these are the only ones I got pictures of... :)

I am not exactly sure if they work or not... The colors do, but I am not sure about the styles and cuts of the pieces... What do you think???

Yellow, navy, and green... They go together right??? :) 
I really wanted to wear my new green cardigan and I had to wear a skirt to work so this is what I came up with... :)

This day happened to be the day that the temperature reached 70... So I thought "What the heck, I'll wear shorts!!!"... If you recall, I mentioned in a previous post a certain pair of yellow shorts I bought recently... Since the skirt I originally had on was mostly yellow, I figured solid yellow shorts would go too... :)
Oh, btw, I am actually wearing a cami with this... It is pale yellow and blends with my skin... :)

I like this outfit... I got the dress last year at a thrift store but haven't been able to fit into it until now... Yay for Weight Watchers!!!!! :)

Who watched the Oscars last night!!!! I didn't, but reading about it was my main occupation this morning before work... :) I love looking at all the gowns and reading all the silly opinions about who was there with who, who won what, and  who should have won what... Silly, I know, but don't be hatin... :P 
 The Artist and Hugo dominated the Awards... Which is very surprising and refreshing... I haven't seen either of them yet, but I have heard they are great and are on my list of movies to watch... 
Most of the gowns this year were pretty good... My favorites are Natalie Portman's, Gwyneth Paltrow's, and Octavia Spencer's... 

Seriously, award shows don't matter much... But they are fun for a week... :)


Rissi said...

Watched the last hour-and-a-half of the Oscars but quickly got tired of the "same-old, same-old." Billy Crystal may be thought one of the better Oscar hosts but I thought he was just... awful! ;D

I think your cardigan goes well with that skirt, but I am not sure how I like the navy with everything else...

Tory said...

Ack, the navy is what I liked about it... Thanks for the feedback!!! Clothes and outfits are my biggest hobby... So back to the drawing board for this outfit... ;)

Michaela said...

You know...I'm really bad at commenting on blogs. o.O It's terrible. I'm even worse at commenting then texting and emailing! :P Which, btw...I'm starting to feel hopelessly lost without my phone.

You are cute, in case no one has told you lately. ;) Lovin' the spring-ish colors. And I recognize the green cardigan. ;)