Thursday, February 2, 2012

My 2012 To Do

I know it is a little late to do a New Year's post... But considering I was doing my birthday post around New Years and my birthday is in November, I think I am doing ok to be only one month behind... ;)

I like to think of this as a "To Do List" rather than "New Year's Resolutions"... Resolutions can and will be broken and then you get all down and depressed only to work yourself back up mid December and the whole process starts all over again... But lists are different... You can check things off of lists and have a wonderful feeling of accomplishment that motivates you to do the next thing on your list... I love lists... (the Michael's dollar bins are a wonderful outlet for list people... all those stinkin adorable note pads with matching notebooks!!!! :D)

I am also a notebook person... I have recently been introduced to moleskin journals... I just bought my first two at Target today... And they are pink... Happy early Singles Awareness Day to me!!! :D

Ok, anyway, back to my 2012 To Do List... This is a work in progress... Both in checking off and adding... So I think I will make a tab at the top of my blog for my ever evolving inventory of future  accomplishments... I have already done a couple of the things on my list as you will see below... I will mark them out as I do them... :) 

2012 To Do List
1) Start learning French
2) Go to the Preakness
3) Visit the Ferrars
4) Go to the chiropractor
5) Use up all the yarn I own
6) Update my blog once a week
7) Read all the books I own
8) Get promoted (to what I don't know yet)
9) Enlarge my wardrobe
10) Organize all my belongings
11) Organize the garage
12) See The Avengers on opening night
13) Go to the beach... a lot
14) Lose 15 pounds
15) Match my purse with my outfit more often
16) Lessen soda intake
17) Walk the GW parkway more often
18) Get pedicures regularly
19) Get a smart phone
20) Be more diligent in my bible reading
21) Memorize poetry
22) Learn ballroom dancing
23) Learn swing dancing
24) Find the perfect bathing suit
25) Get and maintain a good tan
26) Wear more hats
27) Look good in skinny jeans
28) Make baby blankets for the crisis pregnancy center
29) Volunteer for the wounded warriors
30) Complete a sewing project
31) Learn to knit cables
32) REALLY visit all the Smithsonians
33) Ride the metro more often
34) Follow politics more closely
35) Go to Mount Vernon at least once a month
36) Wear more dresses
37) Buy and eShaki dress
38) Buy a Shabby Apple dress
39) Become a "regular" at a local coffee shop
40) Go to our local cupcake shop more often
41) Make 5 things I pinned on Pinterest
42) Buy more shoes
43) Try more hairstyles
44) Fill my journals
45) Buy a pair of red rain boots
46) Make new friends
47) Buy something random and beautiful off of Etsy
48) Start planning an overseas trip
49) Start saving for a car
50) Keep my room clean

*note* These aren't in any kind of priority order... In case you were wondering why reading my Bible isn't till number 20... :)

Stay tuned for changes and additions... :)


Rissi said...

Hmmm... looking forward to those upcoming changes and additions - wonder what they could be!? =)

Michaela said...

Keep (for 2013 or 2014) "Go on missions trip with Michaela" in mind. Just sayin'.

Michaela said... bought yourself a pink moleskin for Singles Awareness Day? How romantic. :P