Saturday, February 18, 2012

Blogging is fun... When you have a topic to blog about... I don't... So I thought I would try my hand at a "random" post... Those seem to be in vogue in the blogger world right now... How about let's start with a random picture from Pinterest!!! :)

Yes, that's right... Yellow bottoms... Or more specifically, yellow shorts... You see, a couple weeks ago, I was thrift store shopping with a friend and she practically forced me to buy this hideous pair of yellow shorts... They are kind of a J Crew preppy style... Hideously gross... Why then did I buy them??? I don't know... Maybe I wanted to be bold and go outside my comfort zone... Maybe I succumbed to peer pressure... Either way, I now have a pair of yellow shorts for when I am feeling adventurous... :) Oh, and I did actually look it up and yellow shorts are going to be in this spring :)

Ballroom Dancing...  Is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have finally started lessons... I have been doing English Country Dancing for almost three years now but I wanted to also do ballroom... and Latin... and swing... So I am... :) 
I am learning, however, that all these things that I put on my list, I may not be able to do all at once... What with chiropractor visits at 50 bucks a pop and other expenses such as gas and groceries, ballroom dance lessons may have to wait a month... or two... :( But hey, it isn't like the studio is going anywhere... And I have already paid for the three introductory classes... I will get there even if I have to wait a little bit longer than I wanted... :)

Nail polish makes me happy... Right now my color of choice is "Aquadelic" by China Glaze... It isn't often that I paint my finger nails because I get all OCD about chipping, but every once in a while one needs a little pop of color in one's life... And it looks sooo adorable next to my pink moleskine journal... What is your favorite nail polish brand??? I LOVE China Glaze because the have such amazing colors!!!! Neon in pretty much everything... :)

I am going to put in a little plug for a future post... My church has a young persons Bible study and right now we are studying the book "Not a Fan"... It is a really great book so far... The basic premise of the book is asking Christians "Are you a fan, or are you a follower of Jesus?"... In other words, what is your relationship status with the Lord???... It has been super challenging and encouraging for me so far... I will hopefully get a post started on it and have it up in a couple of weeks... 

So how was that for a random post??? I am hoping to get myself on a blogging schedule so keep a watch out for more frequent postings!!! :)

P.S... I am going to be working on a new header!!!! :)


Rissi said...

Random is good sometimes. =)

Ha! I had to laugh at you blogging about yellow pants and/or shorts because, as you say, they are "in" this season. (As are bright colored pants.) Not a look for me, but lots of girls can pull it off. My nails were painted yellow a couple of days ago, so I am doing some yellow. ;D

Ooooh! Looking forward to a new header - that is always fun.

Tory said...

So I am thinking that I like just the title for my header... At least for now... I think I will wait until it actually starts to warm up and I can do a spring picture... :)

Michaela said...

Random posts are the best. Keep up the blogging, girl. Hey--do you want to do an interview on my blog sometime? Good advertising, you know...and it would be fun. Think about it and lemme know.

Michaela said...

Ok, and can you imagine the yellow pants/shorts with "Aquadelic?" o.O Wowness.

Tory said...

An interview??? Um, yeah!!!!! That would be so fun!!!!! Email me!!!! :D