Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I was tagged!!!

So maybe I am less confident than I thought... I didn't think people really read my blog... I have done the blog thing in the past, but it never really stuck or caught much attention...  But now I have been tagged and awarded!!! Many thanks to Rissi over at Scribbles, Scripts & Such!!!!! :)

I will put the rules for this tag at the bottom of the post... So here goes!!! ;)

11 Random things about me...
 1) I buy something from the dollar bins every time I go to Michael's...

2) I just filled my graduation album with pictures from my graduation ceremony... Almost two years after I graduated...

3) I still have pictures from my second graduation reception to order to finish filling my graduation album...

4) I am going to start taking ballroom dancing lessons!!! :)

5) I am going for the Giants in the Superbowl this year... :)

6) I love cheese... :)

7) I love the show Once Upon a Time...

8) I want to learn French, but I don't really care about visiting France...

9) I can't parallel park...

10) I am a Weight Watchers member...

11) My top three favorite accents are British, Australian, and Scottish... ;)

Ok, now for the questions part...

1) What are your views on modern fashion, and how do you define modesty? Ack, that is an involved one!!! ;) For the most part, I like modern fashion... From what I have seen, I think there may be a few dumb looks coming out this year, but the colors are neat... I don't think that you should follow the trends for the sake of fitting in, but neither should you reject a certain look just because it is trendy... There is a balance to everything. My definition of modesty is... What glorifies the Lord??? What makes you feel beautiful??? What is considerate to your brothers in Christ??? Notice I put them in that order... Some people tend to overlook and completely reject the first two and focus exclusively on the last one... They think that not exciting sexual desires is the sole purpose of clothing... Like the Muslim Burka... I think that modesty should be between a girl and the Lord... Clothing represents a covering of sins for humans (go back to the Garden of Eden when God first clothed Adam and Eve) and as such it should be an exciting experience that brings honor and glory to the Lord... Not doubt and paranoia about whether or not a guy will give me a "look" if I wear this... Any way, rant over... ;)

2) What did 2011 teach you? It taught me a new meaning for what "staying at home" truely means... The first year after high school I stayed home and nannyed... I hated it... I hated being confined and never going anywhere and having to chase around a two year old in between dull things like laundry and dishes... And then I got two part time jobs... And my world went from always being at home to never being at home... Contrast provides perspective for me... And now I can see that being at home doesn't mean physically never leaving the house... It means your life revolves around your home... it is the center of your ministry, activities, and life... You may leave, but you always come back... :)

3) What is your favorite movie? I hate it when I get asked that... There are so many!!! For the sake of ease, I will cut out Mini-Series and Super long costume dramas... I would have to saaaaaay........... *thinking*.............. Ok, I am going to say my top three favorite movies... There is no way I could narrow it down to one... A Knight's Tale, Despicable Me, and THOR... :)

4) What is your favorite band/artist? Yay, an easy one!!!! The Band Perry!!!!!! :D

5) Do you like to cook? Eh, no... But I will if I have to... I just don't willfully seek it out as an activity of enjoyment...

6) What is something you like to do for fun? Dance!!!!! I do English Country Dancing and I am going to be taking Ballroom very soon... ;)

7) How did you get started blogging? Ummm... Because some of my friends did it and I needed a creative outlet at the time... :)

8) What is your favorite thing about blogging? Comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Ok, here are my 11 questions...

1) What is your favorite Christmas present from this past Christmas???
2) Do you make New Year's resolutions??? If so, what are yours for this year???
3) What book are you reading right now???
4) Do you have friends that are in foreign countries???
5) What is your favorite brand of bottled water???
6) Do you like coffee???
7) Do you have a role model???
8) What is your favorite store to shop at???
9) What are you passionate about???
10) Do you paint your fingernails, toenails, or both??? Do they have to match???
11) Cats or dogs???

Ok, now I tag:
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The rules:
1. post these rules. 
2. post 11 random things about yourself.
3. answer the questions set for you in their post.
4. create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
5. go to their blog and tell them they are tagged.
6. tag 11 people.

*Notice* The rules are flexible... I obviously didn't tag 11 people... ;) 


Rissi said...

Thanks for joining in the fun, Tory - it was fun to read your post. =)

I cannot wait to watch Once Upon a Time when it arrives to DVD - it looks/sounds great. (I've only watched about 30 mins. of an episode though.) Love your movie choices - I was "shocked" by how cute I thought Despicable Me was. =D

Ballroom dancing is such a beautiful thing to watch - have fun with it!

Tory said...

Yeah, Once Upon a Time is good, but there are a few things about it that... aren't... It doesn't show anything explicit, but it does imply that certain very main characters do things that make you very disappointed in them...

Rissi said...

Unfortunately, most shows/movies do! It is just one more way the Hollywood liberals try and impress on us their idea of "normal."