Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine Shmalentine

One doesn't like to be a hater... But this year, I really wasn't looking forward to Valentine's Day... A girl doesn't like to be twenty and single. So this year, I was going to commiserate the day instead of celebrate it. I was all geared for wearing green (the opposite of red according to Wikipedia) and being "anti" traditional. But then a facebook status of a friend challenged me to rethink my attitude... It basically said that romantic love is great... But even if you are single, you still have the love of God... And that is worth celebrating even more than romantic love... So I changed my attitude and wore pink... :)

Happy Valentine's Day a day late... (doing holiday or event posts a day late seems to be a habit of mine... I don't see any reason to change now... :))


Rissi said...

Twenty is still way young to be "worried" about finding your Prince Charming, Tory. He'll come along... but until then, enjoy your life. Spend the time nurturing that relationship with Christ.

Happy [belated] Valentine's Day. =)

Tory said...

Haha, I know... I figure I have another three years before I can whine about being an old maid... lol ;)