Sunday, April 14, 2013

i am titanium

So... The pace of life quickens and the first thing to be thrown out the window is blogging. Just a fact of life. I do feel bad about neglecting this part of my life, but that is just the way it goes... 

So much has been happening here in the last month or so... Some of it good, and some of it not so good... But all for the glory of God... 

Things like my first accident, other unrelated car issues that start the day my parents leave for a weeks vacation, money troubles, three major tests that fall withing three days of each other... Have all been real tests of my endurance and my faith... I'm not gonna lie, I get depressed about it... A lot... But I have to remind myself that life is full of low moments and we cannot define our lives by them... Instead, we... I... Should use them as opportunities to say to the Lord "I know You are in control and that You know what my needs are... I trust that You will provide everything that I need to get through this." 

And you know what... He has... :)

I prob won't blog much until the semester ends on May 13th... I just wanted to prove that I hadn't fallen off the face of the earth... A bientot!!! :)

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Rissi said...

Sorry that things are a bit rough for you just now, Tory. I hope you are okay after the accident and I'll be thinking about you.

Best of luck with school!