Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dinner on the Bowling Green

Saturday, July 16th has proved to be sort of an epoch of my life. Several notable things happened on this Saturday. Let me start at the beginning... :)

"I come to the garden alone, while the dew is still on the roses."
I have tried several times to read through the Bible in one year... Who hasn't??? But I have never been able to keep to it more than a couple months. And I have always felt really bad about that... As a Christian of more than 10 years, there is no reason why I shouldn't have read the Bible through many times.
Well, in a Wednesday night Bible study last year on early Old Testament books, the pastor who was leading it encouraged us to just start reading even if we didn't understand what we were reading. You have to start somewhere was his point. So I did. And I finished on the morning of the 16th. After years of trying and printing off different reading schedules I finally finished. I didn't understand a lot of what I read (especially in the law and prophet books), but they say that the more times you read the Bible, the more you understand... And you have to start somewhere... :)

12-3 on the 16th is what my schedule said... So at 11:45 I drove up to the library and went in to begin my new job... I was a little early so I had to wait a bit for my boss to be available to show me what to do... Those minutes were nerve wracking!!! I had controlled the butterflies well enough all morning, but I almost fell apart in those minutes right before noon. My first day went ok... I was given a lot of information about how the library works and how the books get from the return box back onto the shelves. I don't know how much information I retained, but my boss is very understanding. She told me straight out that I would not remember everything that she would tell me and that it was ok to ask questions.
I felt very overwhelmed when I was there, but on reflection, I think I will do fine. It might take a week or so for me to get to know the library from a page's perspective, but I am confident that once I do, I will get along very well. :)

I have friends in high places... This particular "high place" is Mount Vernon. I have a friend who works there and who has access to privileges that your average tourist does not... Like employee picnics... :). Well, her family is out of town this week so she asked if I wanted to go with her to a special event Mount Vernon was hosting for it's employees. I love Mount Vernon so I accepted. It was amazing... The whole ambiance of Mount Vernon is just amazing. So historical, yet local... So relaxing and yet there are a million things you can do... It is one of my favorite historical sites... And I live three miles from it!!! I will never stop geeking out about that... I plan to buy a season pass for myself here pretty soon so I can go whenever I want (they are only 25 dollars!!! Can you believe that?!? :D)... Anyway :)...
Besides just being a picnic, there were also hot air balloon rides, buggy rides, and a baking contest. Rachel entered the baking contest and we made the cutest little popcorn cupcakes (you got extra points if it was carnival themed). We didn't win, but everyone commented on how cute they were... :)
We ate on the Bowling Green... The big field in front of the Mansion... Regular tourists aren't allowed on the Green, much less allowed to have food on it... In fact, food isn't allowed anywhere on the grounds... I felt so special... :)

The highlight of the evening was the hot air balloon ride. It wasn't exactly a proper hot air balloon experience, because the balloon was still attached to the ground by ropes, but it was still fun and I got a bunch of cool pictures... :)

It was very neat to be at Mount Vernon not as a tourist... To be on the Bowling green eating, with carnival music playing over speakers placed within view, and a hot air balloon going up and down on the other side of the dirt road... Somehow, all of those modern appliances didn't detract from the experience... The atmosphere was very "Yeah, I am just chillin at Mount Vernon." Thank you so much, Rachel, for taking me along!!! It was a once in a lifetime experience... :D

Like I said before, I got a ton of good pictures at Mount Vernon... Enjoy... :D

People chillin in front of the Mansion.. :) In case you are wondering, they are doing restoration on the building... :)

The hot air balloon from where we were eating...

The other bake sale participants... I think it was the cookies tied with the yellow ribbon on the first table that won first place...

Super cute "cherry pie" cupcakes... :)

Be prepared for quite a few pictures of the hot air balloon... When you give me a camera and a subject that I can't possible make look bad, I go crazy... :)

The view... We didn't actually go up very high...

Rachel... :)

So I have seen better "reflection of something cool in you sunglasses" pictures... But what is kinda cool about these that I took, was that they were completely candid... I just pointed the camera at myself and took a picture... No posing or anything... Just blind luck... :)

Another completely candid one... I just stuck the camera up in the air and took a picture... :)

Sunset... :)

My traditional Potomac picture... Every time I go to Mount Vernon, I get a picture of me with the river in the background... :)

Me on the "laughing wall"... They call it that because people wouldn't see it and fall over it and everyone would laugh... lol :D


Me and Rachel... :)

I took a few scenery shots...

A blurry version of the same spot...

The same shot with different lighting...

Rachel said that this tree was in a scene in the second National Treasure... I haven't seen the movie in a while so I didn't know which one she was talking about, but I am sure she is correct... She works there after all... :)

The Potomac...

Those are sheep down there... :)

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Krystle said...

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture fro inside the balloon with the clouds peeking through. That one is awesome. Like 2 pics fused or something. <3