Friday, July 8, 2011

X-Men: First Class

We have just recently seen all of the X-Men movies. We really liked them and so when we saw that there was another one coming to theaters very soon, we were really excited (and when we saw that James McAvoy was playing Professor X, we were even more exited ;D). Just a word about my review... I will do my best to not give away the entire story line, but... No promises... ;)

Overall, it was a great movie. The story line and the character development was very good. There were a few scenes that would make me cautious about who I recommended it to, but I personally enjoyed the movie.

Charles Xavier is a super smart professor of genetics at Oxford University. He is young and good looking and hits on girls by dazzling them with his genius. Then an American FBI agent comes to him and asks for his help. Apparently, a few very powerful mutants were trying to start a world war and Charles' "special" gifts would be of some help. That is how the future Professor X became involved in his first effort to save the world. There are a few things about him, though, that leave you with a not so nice taste in your mouth. His treatment of Mystique (who he was childhood friends with) was condescending at best. He encouraged her to be in disguise and was rude to her a few times when she asked him what he thought about her appearance. All of that led to her eventually joining Erik's side. Charles is portrayed throughout the movie as a "let's make peace" and "be at one with yourself" type of guy. To me, he just wasn't quite as likable as the older version of Professor X from the first three movies. Not that I didn't like him... He was played by James McAvoy, so who couldn't like him... He just wasn't as likable.

And then there is Erik. Flashbacks from the other movies indicate that Erik had a less than pleasant childhood. This newest film shows just how unpleasant. Erik was "discovered" by a Nazi scientist in a concentration camp when he was a small boy. In an effort to "draw out" Erik's powers, this scientist told Erik that he would count to three and if Erik didn't move a coin before that, he would shoot his mother in front of him. Well, he couldn't move the coin... So the scientist shot his mother... And then Erik destroyed the room... Other torturous experiences were hinted at during the rest of the movie and so one would understand why Erik devoted his adult life to finding this scientist and all that helped him and killing them. Well, enter Charles Xavier who just so happens to be after the same guy who is now trying to start a war between Russia and the United States via Cuba (aka the Cuban Missile Crisis for those of you who know your history)... So Erik teams up with Charles and his team of young mutants to get close to this evil guy so he can kill him.

A very close friendship develops between these two characters. I think it is the sweetest part of the movie. Even though they have different ideas, they still are both mutants and that proves to be the stronger bond in the end.

The four people in the back are the young mutants Charles brings to his mansion to train... From left to right: Banshee, Mystique, Beast, and Havoc... The girl in the middle is the aforementioned FBI agent that first came to ask Charles for help.

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