Saturday, July 23, 2011

My New Adventure

There are only a few companies that I would ever consider becoming a consultant for... I am not a "salesperson" so I would need to be very passionate about the products to be able to run a successful business... One of these such companies is called Thirty-One Gifts. I have been interested in signing up since the spring, but I didn't want to steal the business from the lady I signed up under since our customer base would be the same... So when I heard that the Martin family was moving, I jumped on the chance to put my name on the waiting list to sign up. Well, this past Friday my wait came to a close... I signed up, and am now a Thirty-One consultant... :)

And just in time for the new fall catalog!!! The products featured above are what is included in my kit... It is coming on Wednesday and I am very excited!!! :D

You can view the full catalog here. :)

If anyone is interested in hosting a party, or placing an order just let me know!!! :D


Ella said...

Hello Tory! I found your blog I know not how....but I like it!

I was introduced to 31 gifts this summer and I love it! I am toying with being a consultant myself. Great products, aren't they?!

Tory said...

Thanks so much for commenting!!! I am pretty comment starved... lol :)

I love the products!!! I love all the different style bags that you can use for anything!!! And they are so cute!!! I would definitely recommend this as a business opportunity... You don't have to be a "salesperson" because the products sell themselves... :)