Wednesday, January 9, 2013

School starts on Monday!!!!! I know, I shouldn't be excited, right??? Well, I am. I have had a month off, two weeks of which was also off of work, and I am bored. I am a lazy person by nature and so when I don't have something that I HAVE to do, I don't do anything. 0:) Although, I did get most of the things on my to-do list done, I should have gotten them all done. But such is life. Live and learn and all that rot. I have learned that even if I have all the time in the world, it is just as hard to get my chores done as when I have no time... therefore I should do my chores and quit making excuses about having no time... :)

I am going to try to post twice a week on here. One regular post and an I Love Thursday post. Would ya'll also be interested in reading and discussing my English essays??? They are literary essays that deal with my interpretation of a topic given to me by my professor. Some of the books I have for this semester contain mature content, but if this semester is anything like last semester, they will be discussed in an academic and intellectual manner. Would anyone be interested in engaging in such discussion???

I am also super duper excited about starting French this semester!!!! I have always wanted to learn a second language and French has always been my first choice. I have my text books, a French/English dictionary, and a pretty notebook. I am all set. :)

One other thing that is coming up is the Walk for Life in DC. I have been wanting to go for, like, ever, but something else always came up. Well, this year it just so happens that it is on a Friday right after my math class which just so happens to be right by the metro. It was the perfect set up. I am super excited to show my support for life in our nation's capitol!!!! Is anyone else going to be there??? :)

Ta ta for now!!! :)


RosellettRed said...

Discussing literature sounds amazing! I would love to hear about what you're reading/writing about.

Rissi said...

Looking forward to the posts, Tory!

And, French!? That's cool. Wishing you luck with school. :)