Tuesday, January 22, 2013

a crazy little thing called love

I have seen other bloggers put random song lyrics as their titles... As that is the song currently stuck in my head, I thought I would share it... It is now stuck in your head... You're welcome... :P

Well, the first week of school is now over. It went very well. Last year I was a total mess after the first week because of the lifestyle change I was going into. Now it is old hat and I am revin' to go. :)

I can now greet people in French, ask about their day/health, and say good bye...


Me: Salut!!! Ca va???

Other person: Oui, Ca va bien, merci. Et toi, comment vas-tu???

Me: Pas mal.

Are you impressed?? lol :)

Language is such a fun thing to practice during the day. I am in the car a lot and so I repeat conversations outloud... I text my friends in French... I talk to my cat... It is very fun... :)

I have also been feeling very crafty this week. I have done a couple of pinterest projects. I will share them with ya'll sometime this week hopefully. :)

Tonight I get to go dancing!!! I have my ballroom class at school and then I am going to Old Town to go English Country Dancing at Gadsby's. I haven't been in probably a year. It was a very lucky coincidence that my ballroom class fell on Tuesday nights and ends right before ECD starts. I miss dancing. :)

A bientot!!! Bonne journee!!!! Au revoir!!!!!


Lauren said...

Bon soir Tory! Votre Francais est tres bon! Brava:) I'm jealous that you get to take ballroom dance. Sigh...someday I will:)
Au revoir!

Tory said...

Merci beaucoup, Lauren!!!

I had such a fun time tonight... Ballroom and the ECD... I am dead tired though... lol :)

Rissi said...

Yay for dancing - it always fascinated me. :) Have fun, Tory.

It's so great to hear you are doing well with school and that you are enjoying the lessons. :)

Anonymous said...

that song is stuck in my head now, thank you!
New follower, hope you're having a great day!
Please visit sometime! :)