Saturday, February 2, 2013

can't help fallin' in love

Well, I guess it has been a week or so since I have posted. The time just gets away from me... Well, mostly I just give it away to Netlifx... You know how it goes... You get home from work or school and you are just so tired that all the good intentions that you formed on your way home just fly out the window and you succumb to the seductive calling of your bed and laptop... I knew ya'll would understand... :)

It is late right now. I have just returned from the movies... Me and my sister saw Warm Bodies. I never thought I would want to see much less like a zombie movie, but I did. It was pretty cute... In a lot of ways it is more realistic than your regular romcoms. You know, where the girl meets a perfect, good looking, rich guy, gets swept off her feet and then lives happily ever after... In Warm Bodies, the guy is unassuming yet caring... Gives us single gals hope that one of the unassuming guys in our lives might turn out to be "the one"... The perfect Valentine's Day movie... In a weird sort of way... :)

The rest of this weekend will be spent writing my first English essay of the semester. It is about Robert Frost's poem "Storm Fear". I am actually pretty excited about it. It has a very strong Christian theme which is unusual for Frost. I am glad I found it... :)

When the wind works against us in the dark, 
And pelts with snow 
The lowest chamber window on the east, 
And whispers with a sort of stifled bark, 
The beast, 
'Come out! Come out!'- 
It costs no inward struggle not to go, 
Ah, no! 
I count our strength, 
Two and a child, 
Those of us not asleep subdued to mark 
How the cold creeps as the fire dies at length,- 
How drifts are piled, 
Dooryard and road ungraded, 
Till even the comforting barn grows far away 
And my heart owns a doubt 
Whether 'tis in us to arise with day 
And save ourselves unaided. 

I will probably post my essay when I am done with it. Don't hesitate to tell me if you like it or it is total crap... :)

Hopefully I will remember to do an I Love Thursday post next week... Until then, au revoir!!! :)

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