Thursday, February 21, 2013

I ♥ Thursday {No. 7}

I really hate doing I ♥ Thursday posts back to back... But in reality, I am lucky to even do them. Thursdays are the only day I have it easy... I don't have school and I don't go to work until 2 or 3... It is my in-between day... And so here I sit, with my coffee and blanket on the couch, writing up my weekly blog post... Maybe one day it will be a bi-weekly blog post... :)

I survived my French exam!!!! And I actually feel pretty good about it!!!!! I am really excited about how much I have learned so far. I am able to construct positive and negative sentences and form questions in the present tense. Yes, my vocabulary is quite limited, but I actually GET the sentence structure and can manipulate the vocabulary I do know quite well. I am just super excited about learning... :)

This coming up weekend is my English essay weekend!!! Yay!!!! I get to spend the entire weekend writing an essay on Edith Wharton's The Age of Innocence!!! I am so lucky!!!!..... Ok, sarcasm tone over... In all seriousness, I have really enjoyed The Age of Innocence. It has been a fascinating read. I will post my essay when I am done with it. Feel free to comment. :)

Now to get to the I   part of this Thursday post... ;)

I am loving Spring styles!!!!! But it is still cold out!!!!! Gaaaa!!!!!!!! I am whiny about the cold right now... My family is very tired of it... lol :) So I will vent by posting my favorite styles here... :)

Red chevron with chambray??? Um, yes!!!!! :)

I am super excited about emerald coming in this season!!!!! :)

I love Jennifer Lawrence... She is one of my style icons... :)

I want a watch... I really like the rose gold... I think it would match with a lot more things than silver or gold... But I haven't been able to find the exact perfect one yet... I will be making another trip to Charming Charlie here pretty soon so maybe I will find one then... :)

I have really been loving this blog this week. She has the most amazing make-up posts. I especially love her lipstick reviews right now... :)

And finally, a little reminder to myself about how to survive the rest of the week... :)

Have a good weekend... Au revoir!!!! :)

*whoops, I forgot to link back to Bramblewood Fashion*


Rissi said...

BIG congrats on passing your exam - knew you would, Tory. :) Good luck with the next.

Ah! LOVE that red chevron and blouse and that emerald color. It is awesome.

Tory said...

Well, I don't know if I actually passed yet... But for the next few days I will live in blissful state of confedence... :)