Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Afternoon Tea Ministry

This past weekend, I hosted a tea party for some of my AWANA girls. It was a lot of fun picking out the different foods to make and setting out all of our dishes. I even did a little Bible lesson... I am not sure how well that went over... but I didn't do the tea to teach them a great spiritual truth... just to invest time in them :).

In the rush to get everything set out, I wasn't thinking about pictures... Good thing I have sisters that were... :)

The layout


Lemon Poundcake

Yummy chocolate and orange cookies

Chocolate covered strawberries

Candied orange rinds dipped in chocolate

No tea party is complete without cucumber sandwiches... :)

Chicken salad sandwiches

And you must have scones... :)

Fresh flowers are a must for tea parties... :)

The tea table

Raspberry Royal anyone???

One scoop or two??? :)

Pouring the tea

Some of the girls

Ruby with her tea

Me, Kristin, and Casie... :)

The whole group... :)


Boss Lady said...

what a lovely tea party.

Caleb R. P. said...

Wow, looks like a beautiful tea! Great job, Tory! Everyone looks great!

BusiBeth said...

How FUN! I did a tea party for my Bible Class girls just the day before your party... KINDRED SPIRITS FTW!! I know the Lord will bless the seeds that were planted. <3

Tory said...

Thanks, Elizabeth... ;)