Monday, June 27, 2011

Cars 2

Pixar has up to this point done their sequels brilliantly so I was pretty optimistic about the new Cars sequel. We saw it in 3D on opening night at the 11:10 showing... I thoroughly enjoyed it. I loved all the new characters and all the cool spy things they did. 

That being said, I don't think it was quite up to par with the other Pixar films. It had alot of cheesy one-liners and was on the whole just... cheesy. But I am a fan of cheese so I didn't mind... :)

All of the original characters return with a few new ones... Here are some of the new ones.

Finn McMissile... Secret Agent Extraordinaire... :) 

Holly Shiftwell... Super Cool Assistant to Finn... :)
Sir Axlerod... Super Rich Sponsor of the World Grand Prix... :)

Francesco Bernoulli... Super Arrogant Competitor... :)

The Queen... :)

I came across these cool vintage posters somewhere online... Enjoy... :)

This is my favorite... :)


Becka said...

I thought it was pretty good, but really cheesy too :)

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