Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Spring is Pink

There is just something springy about pastel colors... :)
 I have always been skeptical of the "summer scarf" look... But this one wasn't bad at all... It wasn't any heavier or hotter than a necklace... :)
 You can tell here, I laid on the pink eye shadow... And I have the Lemongrass Pink Shimmer Lip Balm on my lips... It gives them a 60's white sheen... :)
Kristin took a bunch of cool shots with the sun in the background... :)


Patrizia said...

Tory, I love the outfit, you look adorable :)

Kristian said...

And u cut ur hair! I havnt seen it yet!:) it's cute dear;)

Tory said...

you haven't seen my haircut yet??? Cuz I had it like this for months... You just don't pay attention!!! :P