Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Vintage Apron Project

My chore is the kitchen... and I hate it... So to try to motivate myself to do a better job, I want to make a couple of cute aprons to wear while I am doing the dishes... :)

This is a super cute vintage pattern that we have been meaning to use for a while and the fabric I want to use. The floral prints are very vintage, no??? And I want to do more than one so that I can match my apron to my outfit... ;)

I am planning on doing the one on the bottom left... :)


BusiBeth said...

AHH! We should have a Sewing Party. That would be so fun. :) :) :)

Tory said...

We should!!! That might motivate me to actually make these instead of putting it off... ;)

Booklass said...

What pretty material! I think I may actually have some of the aqua somewhere.