Tuesday, June 12, 2012

15 for 15 Day 10 and 11

Wow, I am late... 0:)

Ok, so this was Sunday's outfit... I was very "Un-Baptist" and wore jeans... I had nursery so I feel justified... lol ;)

Now for Monday... I didn't actually "wear" anything... We went to the pool and were there pretty much all day... And then for work in the evening, I just threw on sweats and a t-shirt because my sunburn was so bad... :) 

Ooo, speaking of the pool, I got a new bathing suit today!!!! I will take a picture of it next time we go... Which should be Thursday... :)

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KatySue Pillsbury said...

I've never had the guts to wear pants to church (so much better for working in the nursery, that Berber carpet is killer on bare knees!) I would get the evil eye of extreme disappointment *shudder*

You look cute and totally nice enough for church while being comfy enough to crawl on floor with the littles! =)