Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ok, it's I <3 Thursday time!!! :D What have I been loving this week??? Nautical and coral fashions, playing with little kids, and waking up early... Ok, maybe not so much that last one... But I do enjoy the effects of waking up early... i.e. having much more time to do things... ;)

You already know I got some coral shorts... I have been having fun picking out things to wear with them this week... And today I got some orangy-coral-ish nail polish... It is so much fun making new outfits with this fun color!!! :)

I just love kids... Not all kids mind, but good kids... Kids that are nice, kind, sweet, inquisitive, silly, goofy, squishy, kids that make silly noises, say funny things, have bright eyes, fat bellies, pinchable cheeks... And I am surrounded by them!!! There are the two little boys my mum babysits three days a week and then there are about a million little kids at mu church... This week is VBS and I got to sit in the nursery with the workers' kids a couple of evenings... Oh how glorious it is to sit with a little boy and go over what different kinds of matchbox cars were in the toybox!!! "This one is a car, this one is a truck, this one is a jeep" ect.... And then to get into naming colors... "This one is a red car, this one is a yellow van, this one is an orange truck just like your shirt!!!"... Such precious and simple moments with such precious babies... I love them all to pieces... :)

Some pins that I like this week... :)

I have never cared for William's looks... But this portrait is quite handsome... ;)

Ok, this is just awesome... You plug your ipod into the egg and them the duck plays your music wirelessly in your shower... And its completely waterproof... So awesome yet completely lame at the same time... lol ;)

It is nautical and beachy at the same time... LOVE!!!!! :)

Yes, I watched Top Gun... It was good, but very 80's... Is it just me, or is Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer being young and hot a little weird??? ;)

One more thing... I am going to be getting some TOMS... Probably tomorrow (Friday), but I am completely conflicted on which one to get!!!! I was very set on getting red ones, but with my recent obsession with coral, I am second guessing myself... Red doesn't go with coral... But navy does... And if I got navy ones, that would also go with a ton of my other outfits... But red is such a classic color for TOMS!!! 

And... I have a shoe confession... Even though red is my favorite color for pretty much any article of clothing and it is a component of my outfit at least 3-4 times a week, I don't actually ever wear red shoes... I own three pairs... But they are the fancy, shiny, easily scuffed, high heels type... Nothing that I would wear to work or out on the town... I have been meaning to rectify this for quite some time, but something else always seems to take precedent... So what should I do??? Navy, which is probably tied with red for how much I wear it... Or the classic red... Or both... ;)


Lauren said...

Hm...I would go with navy, but that's just me:-) I have the natural cream colored ones and wear them all the time. TOMS are seriously the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned! :)

jes @ twosmuppies said...

I was set on red toms when i went to get mine too but I ended up with navy and i love love love them!

Tory said...

I ended up getting both... And I love them!!! :)