Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wow, now that the 15 for 15 fashion challenge is over, I don't know what to blog about!!! lol ;)

I suppose I could write about how much I am loving summer!!!!!!!! I have the Rascal Flatts song "Summer Nights" running though my head... "Summer nights, everybody's feelin' sexy!!!"... There is just something about summer... ;)

~favorite things so far about summer~

Local restaurants... I have just discovered two local restaurants... The first being a self serve frozen yogurt shop!!!!! I have been looking for one of these in my area for almost a year!!!! Only to happen upon it when I was in Old Town with friends last Sunday... I was filled with utter ecstasy... :) The other restaurant is called Tubby's... Yeah, I don't know who thought of the name... It is an ice cream parlor/diner... It is super cute and just down the road!!! I don't know why I haven't gone before... I went last night with a friend for a Bible study and totally fell in love... I went back after work today for a milkshake... :)

The pool... I LOVE our pool!!!!!! How much more relaxing can you get than laying out in the warm sun, reading a book, and listening to the sounds of kids playing??? Knowing that you don't have a thing else in the world to do??? Utter bliss... :D

Long days... I can't tell you how awesome it is to get off of work and still have three hours of daylight left...

Reading outside... This is a critical part of my morning... Get my coffee, get my book, head outside... I don't know why, but it is so much more relaxing and you feel so much more productive when you read outside... And also when you blog outside... Which is what I am doing right now... (although, the mosquitoes are about to drive me inside :/)

And finally...

Lightning bugs!!!! :D

Enjoy!!!! :D


KatySue Pillsbury said...

That song, I LOVE that song!!! I always blast it and sing along with my windows down! =)
Self serve frozen yogurt is da' bomb, thought I usually just get the yogurt and no mix ins, yeah, I'm weird that way..... =P

Tory said...

No mix ins!!!!! For the past few months, I have been all about fruit in chocolate... My favorites are raspberries and blackberries... With nuts to add in some saltiness... :)

Andrea D said...

Mmmm, fro yo. Probably the most perfect summer treat :)