Thursday, June 28, 2012

I got coral shorts!!! I have been wanting to expand to the colored shorts realm for a while, but I haven't been brave enough... I saw these at Target on sale the other day and totally fell in love with them... I went back today with a coupon and got them and a matching lip gloss for 13 dollars!!! Now I get to find all the things in my closet that match this color!!! I will be surfing pinterest and blogs for ideas... ;) 

This color also brings out my tan really well... I look brown!!! :)

Poor Grant... He fell off of something (his mum doesn't know what) and split his forehead open... Had to have it glued together... Then it started swelling with blood!!! Now he has to have an ice pack attached to his head periodically through the day... He calls it his "hat"... "Where's my hat!!!" he says when mum takes it off... lol ;)

I had to bribe him with a popsicle to take pictures of him... lol ;)

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