Tuesday, June 5, 2012

15 for 15 Day 4

I liked this outfit a lot better before I saw these pictures... It was kinda a "glamorous gangsta'" look... Or at least as much as a white girl like me can pull of that look... :) 

It did look a lot better in person... :)

Pants: Thrifted, Cami: Khols, Tank: Walmart, Button-up: Thirfted, Necklace: Made by me, Earings: Gifted, Shoes: Sperrys... :)

The owl on my necklace is backwards... 

So I swapped out a few things... And I am not counting any of my tanks or camis... So that gives me another 4 pieces that I can add... I added another white button-up, a blue and white plaid button-up, a blue and white stripe shirt, and a gray blazer... And I traded my shorts for the black pants... For some reason, this feels like cheating... But then, I wasn't exactly expecting the whole "can't wear jeans to work" thing... And it is pretty early in the challenge... :)


KatySue Pillsbury said...

Ha, I love the gangster comment! I've felt like that to....and let me say, you pull the look off WAY better then I do! =P
It's funny, I didn't like my day four outfit in pictures either...and also feel bad for swapping, not that it's topped me form doing it! ;-)
I do really like your outfit, very put together but funky(for lack of a better word!) at the same time! =)
Wow, this seems like a super long comment, oh well!

SisterlyLove said...

Oh my! I love this outfit. That button up with the lacy cami is so cute.


Tory said...

Haha, that's ok, Katy, I love comments... :)