Saturday, June 2, 2012

15 for 15 Day 2

Ok, day two... I will now try to give a more detailed description of my outfit than I did yesterday... :)

Shorts: Walmart, White Cami: Khols, Turquoise cami: Ann Taylor, White button-up: Thrifted by me but originally from Target, Shoes: REI, Necklace: Made by me, Earings: Gifted, Sunglasses: Charming Charlie

I didn't realize what a terrible picture this is until I uploaded it... I will be re-evaluating my choice of photographer tomorrow... :)

I can't wait to get a Chaco tan line... :)

Ok, funny story about my new Chacos... I got them on Wednesday afternoon and just like any normal girl with a new pair of shoes I wore them the rest of the day and the whole day Thursday... Well, about half way through my work shift on Thursday, I finally admitted to myself that my feet were killing me!!! I just paid 100 bucks for a pair of shoes that were supposed to be comfortable!!! Before I started totally freaking out, I texted my friend who originally introduced me to Chacos and asked if it had taken her feet a while to get used to her Chacos... She answered and said yes... Apparently it can take up to two weeks and you are supposed to work yourself into them by only wearing them a couple hours a day!!! So just in case ya'll want to get a pair, now ya know how to break them in... :)

I got a couple of things at the craft fair and I thought I would share them with you... 

Mason Jar: 9 dollars... I like mason jars... Especially the blue tinted ones... This one is going to be used for all my pens... I have a thing for pens... Especially colored ones... I like colors... They are happy... :)

This is a very unique little trinket that I paid too much for... The lady who made it said it is a design she copied from something made 60 or 70 years ago... She thought it was likely Mennonite... They would use it to carry around a spool of thread and a needle so when they needed to fix a button or do some impromptu quilting, they would have what they needed... I likely won't use it for that since I don't sew, but it would work for a little change purse, or for hair things in my purse or something like that... :)

These are some things I got yesterday while shopping with my sister in the midst of the terrible storms that ravished our area yesterday...   It was very exciting... :)

Has anyone read Captivating??? The pink book is a Bible just in case anyone couldn't tell... And the two little blue books are tiny moleskines... :)


Vicki said...

Cute! Haha, I have those same shoes in purple! My parents got them for me for Disneyland since they were supposed to be really comfortable for hiking and the end of the first day at Disney my feet were killing me! After two days of agony I finally swapped them out for some flip-flops. :P

I love mason jars too! They're so handy, and look pretty cool too!


AnnaKate said...

Haha that's too funny about the shoes-- I'll keep that in mind! ;)

KatySue Pillsbury said...

You look so summery! I love this outfit.....and blue glass anything.....and old books!